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Dive Master Internship

Course Introduction:
The Dive Master is a PADI professional level. This course tests your endurance and knowledge of diving. You can learn how to assist the coach in teaching any leisure diving course. You can also learn how to lead a qualified diver to explore the dive site. Through rigorous training and internships, you can enjoy your diving career as a qualified diving professional in the future.

Class Schedule:
Day 1: 10:00 am C 18:00 pm
Meet with the coach + course introduction + teaching Video

Day 2 - Day 9: 08:00 am C 21:00 pm
The Dive Master course has more content and the time can be flexibly arranged.

Day 10: 08:00 am C 21:00 pm
Paperwork + Graduation Ceremony
Training Course time will change at any time according to individual progress

Criteria for course:
18 years of age or older
Complete emergency first response primary and secondary ambulance training in the last 24 months
Is a qualified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and a PADI Rescue Diver
40 scuba diving records
Approved by a doctor over the past 12 months and proven that health is suitable for diving

Issuing a Certificate Requires:
• Complete the Knowledge Development Unit, including PADI [Diving Director's Handbook and Diving Theory] and complete the final exam
• Prepare an emergency rescue plan for the designated dive site
• Complete water skills assessment
• Complete practical assessment and practical application skills
• Complete the course seminars performed by the Divemaster
• Complete professional literacy scores

Course duration: 10 days
Course fee: $2,700/person (10 days)
Course materials
Coach training fee
Diving equipment rental use
Training fee/ duck use fee/ tanks
 Lunch, drinks during diving days
Accommodation during the Course

Additional charges:
1. Additional days of training fee $250 / day / person
2. Internship fee: 300 USD / person [10 days]
3. Taxation during the course and during the internship period: 50 USD / person / 10 days
4. Divemaster application fee: 187 Australian dollars [requires credit card to pay PADI, VISA or MASTER]
5. Air tickets, extracurricular diet and self-funded items

Students please note:
• Before the student does not leave, ask your instructor to stamp or sign the diary diary to receive a temporary certificate.
• Diving students are required to follow the company's diving training itinerary. If they do not complete the diving training, the coach will not issue any diving diploma to the student.
• Students who quit on their own or who have been terminated for their own reasons will not be refunded or will be transferred or date changed.
• For safety reasons, an 18-hour sleep break is required after diving to board the plane. (Starting at 4 pm on the last day of diving. Please plan your travel itinerary according to the above time to avoid delays and affect your safety)
• Please bring your own personal items: shampoo, shower gel, slippers, beach shoes, sunglasses, hat, swimsuit, sunscreen, simple medicine, umbrella, raincoat, power converter, bath towel, warm water cup, jacket.

Highly recommended:
• Buy travel insurance: Snorkeling or diving insurance, loss of property damage insurance, medical insurance and other related insurance.
• Personal hygiene and body relationship, it is strongly recommended to bring your own 3mm wetsuit or jellyfish clothing.
• Vision problems: Students who are not accustomed to using contact lenses should go to Taobao or purchase snorkeling mask with prescribe lenses.
• Network service: Recommend to buy local 3G mobile phone network card after arriving at the local area

Payment Method
• A 25% deposit is accepted as a confirmation and the full payment (US$ cash) is paid upon arrival in Palau and the deposit is refunded.
• If you need to pay RMB online, the exchange rate: 100 US dollars = 700 RMB. (Do not accept RMB cash)



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