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Advance Open Water

Course Introduction£º
Advanced Open Water Diver Course£¨AOW£©Water depth limit of 30 meters
Precondition£ºAt least 12 years old
             In good condition
             Hold OPEN WATER PADI diver (OW) rating certificate
Course Objectives£ºOn the basis of completing 3 AOW courses selected by students£¬complete diving and diving underwater navigation£¬then you can be promoted successfully upgraded to advanced open water diver£¨aow£©.
Criteria for Curriculum£ºAll courses completed by PADI coaching
             Strictly follow the PADI standard
Course Fee£º$500 dollars
Price included£º1. Hotel pick-ups and Drops
             2. Diving equipment required in the course, 5 cylinders 
             3. Lunch & drink
             4. Issue PADI certificate fee
Price excluded£º1. Plane ticket¡¢hotel¡¢Airport Transfer
             2. Permits£¨two types£©
             3. Rock Island Permit $50 dollars£¯Validity period of 10 days£¨Without Jellyfish Lake£©
             4. Jelly Fish Permit $100dollars£¯Validity period of 10 days£¨Include the ticket of Jellyfish Lake£©
             5. The tips of boatman & coach£¨10 dollars£¯person£©
Two requirements for courses£º
    ¡ô Deep diving
    ¡ô Underwater navigation and diving
Three optional courses£¨The following options are available£©£º
    ¡ô Fish Identification
    ¡ô Boat Diving
    ¡ô Peak Performance Buoyancy
    ¡ô Releasing
    ¡ô Digital Underwater Photography
    ¡ô Wreck Diving
    ¡ô Multilayer Deep Diving
    ¡ô Night Dive
    ¡ô Search and Tour diving
Course Time &Arrangement£º
PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER£¨Course is divided into two days£©£º
First Day£º5 training courses in which 3 courses system training
Set off to Palau classic diving site then do three times open water diving
Training and evaluation of 3 AOW projects
£¨Time is about£º08:30am£­16:30pm£©
Second day£ºthe remaining 2 courses systematic training£¨Plus one item ¡ª¡ª fun dive£©
Set off to Palau classic diving site then do two times open water diving
Training and evaluation of 2 AOW projects
£¨Time is about£º08:30am£­16:30pm£©



Open Water