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Preservation & Protection



     The Republic of Palau has been known as the Pristine Paradise of Micronesian countries, this country is famous for its uninhabited and unaffected by man pollution and top dive site and rich biodiversity and large sizes of fishes. The government has its special way of preserving their own treasure. 

      Palau Ocean Divers is really fascinated by this practice to preserved and protect the natural beauty that has been fading in some part of the world. The effort of making it maintain as pristine as it is before despite of growing popularity for diving industry all over the world.

    Palau Ocean Divers make sure to contribute to preservation and protection of the nation treasure, we make effort by practicing use recyclable things and minimized the use of plastics, like on our lunch time we use washable bento boxes, we dont give our guest bottled water or tetra pack juices, we served water and ginger In reusable cups. 


      We also conduct diving season for the staff to do cleaning under water near the Malakal water area where plenty company is located.

Because of our usual guest is smoking we make point that we orient them to put the cigarettes buds in the water bottles that we provide for that purpose.


       We always make sure to orient our guest to avoid using gloves as possible and touching the corals. And hitting the corals by there fins, no littering on the island during lunch time and big NO for Fish Feeding Policy.

Following the law and trying our best to maintain and improve the Prevention and Protection of this country treasure will make sure that the next generation will still have change to see this EDEN.



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