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Scuba Diving is one of the Palau's main entertaining activities. For its abundant marine resources and unique natural structure among the entire Pacific Ocean. 

  • Rock Island Southern Lagoon was listed in UNESO World's Heritage Nature Sites: 
Its barrier and fringing reefs, channels, tunnels, caves, arches, and coves filled with divers assemblages of organisms of every colour create a wonderland of natural beauty and discovery. Ancient legends and chants, award-winning films and documentaries, hundreds of photographs and works of art, and shelves of book and magazines try to capture the timeless magnificence of the RISL in words and images. 
  • Palau established the first Shark Sanctuary in the world in 2012

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Palau provides not only excellent opportunities for all level of diving, from novice through advanced, but also extraordinary quality of underwater world. The Rock Island Southern Lagoon is the most diverse, complex, and breathtaking beautiful places on earth. There are currently 75 dive sites in Palau and 75% of those are located within Rock Island Southern Lagoon where divers can experience all of it with only 30-45 minute boat ride from Koror. The visibility of the sea water usually ranges at least 20 meters to 40 meters. 


Interesting Natural Marine History Facts About PALAU

  • Palau has all the major island types found in the Pacific: 
  1. High volcanic islands (Babeldaob, Koror)
  2. Raised limestone islands (Rock Islands, Angaur, Peleliu) 
  3. Atolls (Kayangel, Ngeruangel, Helen's Reef) 
  • Babeldaob is the 2nd largest island in Micronesia, after Guam, but Guam has no mangroves! 
  • Palau has the most diverse selection and greatest number of marine lakes out of any country in the world. 
  • Palau has over 400 species of hard corals and more than 150 species of soft corals, gorgonians and sea fans, the most of Micronesia
  • Palau has seven of the world's nine species of Giant Clams.
  • Palau has an endangered population of dugong or sea cow, the only group in Micronesia. 



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