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Spawning aggregations are where large groups of fishes come together at a specific time and place to reproduce. The numbers of fishes in aggregations in Palau range from just a few dozen individuals, such as those of the smaller parrotfishes and wrasses, to huge groups numbering tens of thousands of fish, such as the bohar(red) snapper and threadfin bream. 


Spawning aggregations are such a great phenomenon for marine lovers or divers to see! Ulong Channal ( Ngrumakaol) is well known for its aggregations of three species of groupers around the new moon from April to September. The aggregations of Red Snappers and threadfin bream are found at the south end of Peleliu and some other and some other locations with the spawning occuring early in the morning near the time of the full moon. 

Some fish, like the longnose parrotfish, spawn in the afternoon on many days at Blue Corner, making it easy to point this out while doing dives at Blue Corner. But to do that you have to be aware of what the fish are doing around you! 

Our shop offer specially morning spawning aggregations dive tours on 3 days before new moon for parrotfish and full moon for red snappers. Minimum 4 pax to launch at 5:30 am to Ulong Channel / Grassland, to witness such sacred phenomenon of marine wildlife reproduction from the call of Mother Nature. You will be surrounded in the "smoke" of love and romance underwater,  feel the hormones between thousands of fish


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